Wildlife Artist SUSAN LABOURI

Susan Labouri was born to her passion for animals and painting. Raised by her artist Mother at Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California, she found it natural to pick up a pencil and draw the subject she loved and was surrounded by: wildlife.

Through her school years, she continued to draw and paints to develop her artistic skills. In her early twenties she went to New Zealand on vacation, a decision that would lead her to an adventure that would lead her that would last 18 years and take her to places of which she had only dreamed. From New Zealand she went to Australia, where she lived for two years and met her French husband, Daniel. They lived in New Caledonia for two years while waiting for their sailboat to be built in France.

When it was finished, they went to France to start the voyage of a lifetime: the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and all the way down to the bottom of the South Pacific and every country in between. She was able to see and experience firsthand the wildlife she loved.

After five years of sailing, they went back to New Caledonia and she started seriously working on her art. After being out of the U.S. for 18 years, she is back living in the same mountains of her childhood and is continuing her work.

She has studied with some of the best known wildlife artists in the World, such as Carl Brenders, Terry Isaac, Robert Bateman and John Seerey-Lester. They have given her a whole new outlook on art and her own work, which can be found in New Caledonia, Australia, Europe and the U.S.. She has worked in color pencils, pastels and gouache. But now she is exclusively in Acrylic. She now travels around the world in search of her subjects. Researching and studying the mammals and birds she so loves. Trying to capture a little moment in their lives. Her subjects come from North America, Europe, Australia, Africa and the South Pacific.

Susan Labouri is nationally recognized and International award winning artist and a signature Member of the Society of Animal Artists and has received many protégés awards and has shown in Museums and Wildlife art shows across to Nation and has also been featured in many national magazines. Her work can be found in United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, New Caledonia and more. She is now living in Prescott, AZ.

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